SUP Fitness

Power Hour on the water! Join us for our Stand Up Paddleboard Fitness classes led by our qualified instructors. Our SUP Fitness programme is amazing for building core strength with movements that involve the entire body. Say goodbye to sweaty gym equipment and come enjoy a full gym work out in 60mins while gliding through the water without a sound!

Schedule of Classes

We have two levels of SUP Fitness classes:


Level 1: SUPFit Zen

This is our entry level class for SUP Fitness. If it is your first time doing SUP Fitness we highly recommend starting with SUPFit Zen. The 60 min session involves lower intensity stretching, adapted yoga poses, power paddling, and core building exercises. Must have prior paddling experience (our 90 min Intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding is recommended). Cost: $25, concession cards available

Yoga Pose


Level 2: SUPFit Power

A more advanced SUP workout. SUPFit Power focuses on sprint intervals, power paddling, advanced technique, adapted yoga, cardio, and muscle building exercises. SUPFit Power is excellent training for SUP Racing and distance paddle training. Completion of Level 1 is highly recommended. Duration: 60 mins. 

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